CENTENNIAL, CO — April 20, 2021 ‑ The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) is happy to announce a new and unique aviation program designed to train transitioning military members and active-duty spouses in the important and valued craft of aircraft maintenance. The program is being conducted by VIPER Transitions, an organization dedicated to ending veteran suicide through counseling, comradery, and skilled training towards a rewarding career. AMFA is also excited to announce a $10,000 donation to VIPER Transitions towards the purchase of program tooling — an important and necessary component of our craft.

Started in 2018 by a group of…

Representation. For A Change.

For American Airlines mechanics and related ready take back control of their careers and their union, AMFA is here to offer true representation. Because at AMFA, we’re powered by our members.

Since our start in 1962, we’ve been constitutionally bound to put our members first. And we’ve made it our mission to promote and protect the interests of our membership. With our accountable and transparent process, we work to ensure our members are heard and served to the best of our abilities in the both the long term and day to day.

Our democratic process sits…

Unity in Craft.

This year, our craft has the unique chance to come together. By voting to join AMFA, American Airlines mechanics and related can unite under one singular union formed to serve a single craft and class and give members the best possible representation. With an end to competing union agendas, we can move forward together stronger than ever.

Almost 60 years ago, AMFA was formed with the mission to promote and protect the interest of its members, which has always been made up entirely of mechanics and related.

Everything we do is focused on our shared craft, with…

April 6, 2021

Dear American Airlines Mechanics and Related Employees:

We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the progress we are making to get you the representation vote that you deserve and to set the record straight on some misleading claims that have been made by an increasingly scared and desperate incumbent union — the so called TWU/IAM “Association.”

1. TWU/IAM lied and claimed in November 2019 they had a “No Raid Clause” or an agreement with the AMFA NEC and that there were a “couple of dissident members spreading false narratives” that started organizing a true…

March 25, 2021

Dear American Airlines Mechanic and Related Employees:

AMFA has been granted a 7-day postponement to provide its response to the challenges to the proposed eligibility list of American Airlines by the TWU/IAM Association (“TWU/IAM”) which seeks to add roughly 2,000 ineligible individuals to the list of 13,213 proposed by American Airlines in an underhanded effort to dilute the significance of the cards you submitted calling for a union election. …

We started our first station visit in Portland, OR, on all shifts with AMTs and Aircraft Cleaners and concluded AMFA-QX AMTs face to face with the Redmond, OR, graveyard shift on March 11, 2021. After spending 8 days visiting Portland, OR; Boise, ID; Spokane, WA; Seattle, WA; Everett, WA-Painfield; and Redmond, OR, we received a plethora of great feedback from all members from each station in regard to current events. We have a plan in place to raise the standards and increase the recognition for the AMFA membership, but we anticipate there will be numerous CBA proposals and individual nominations…

March 5, 2021

Dear American Airlines’ Mechanics and Related Employees:

The TWU-IAM Association (“TWU/IAM”) has been widely claiming AMFA does not have enough cards to induce an election. The fact is, on December 4, 2020, American Airlines provided the NMB with a proposed eligibility list of 13,213 names and signatures. Subsequently, on December 23, 2020, the TWU/IAM, without invitation from the NMB, prematurely responded with challenges to the proposed eligibility list and began publicly claiming falsely that AMFA did not have sufficient cards to have an election.

It would seem that after further review, the TWU-IAM lost confidence in their…

Dear American Airlines’ Mechanics and Related Employees:

On February 26, 2021, the National Mediation Board (NMB) Investigator Josie G.M. Bautista notified all parties of the next phase of investigation regarding NMB Case No. R-7557.

NMB Investigator Bautista has directed AMFA and the TWU/IAM Association to file challenges to the proposed eligibility list filed by American Airlines or objections with regard to any other matters and supported by substantive evidence and argument by March 5, 2021. Responses to challenges or objections by all Participants, including the Carrier, must be filed by March 15, 2021.

Like many of their passengers, Alaska Airlines seems to be growing weary of Covid-19. Recently, Alaska Airlines began enforcing an ambiguous attendance policy in a manner never before seen — one that includes discipline for the use of accrued sick leave and lower thresholds for counseling or discipline than before the pandemic. Strangely enough, the new enforcement policy was put into action at the peak of the pandemic’s surge. This change in enforcement policy occurred while another special Covid policy mandating workers to stay home if they have Covid symptoms or were possibly exposed to the virus was in effect…

December 10, 2020

Dear American Airlines Mechanics & Related Employees:

We wanted to reach out and give you an update following AMFA’s filing for a representation dispute on your behalf with the National Mediation Board (NMB) for the American Airlines (AA) Mechanic and Related workgroups. As previously outlined in our last update, “We have filed with the NMB” dated November 13, 2020. We have been assigned both an NMB Case No. R-7557 and NMB Investigator Josie G.M. Bautista. On Friday December 4, 2020, American Airlines’ Vice President of Labor Relations, Lucrecia D. …

AMFA National

We are independent Aircraft Maintenance Technicians committed to the highest safety standards. Safety in the Air Begins with Quality Maintenance on the Ground.

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