A Union That is Built to Benefit It’s Members

Superior Fiscal Stewardship

At AMFA, we run things differently. Unlike other unions, we’re powered by our members, with every decision, especially financial ones, built to benefit our membership.

We’re streamlined and agile with our finances, allocating funds where they can have the biggest impact. And we’re always accountable and transparent to our members about where your dollars are spent and why. This includes our leadership’s salaries, designed to be fair and contractually aligned with what our members make.

It starts from leadership

To be true stewards of our members’ financial contributions, we don’t pay our leadership bloated salaries. We also don’t have to support the overhead, like TWU/IAM’s “Association,” of legions of “executives” earning $250,000 per year.

Our leadership’s salaries are tied to the average salary we secure for our members, not disconnected and disproportionate to what our members make. This is just another way we ensure our leaders are always fighting for what is best for everyone, keeping leadership and membership on the same team.

At AMFA, we negotiated for and now represent two of the highest-paid AMT groups among commercial passenger carriers: Southwest Airlines, at the very top of the industry, and Alaska, at fourth highest. Plus, not unimportantly, our dues rate is the lowest in the industry at two times your base hourly rate.

Lean and Mean

With 100% of our revenue supporting mechanic and related workers, we’re dedicated to what our members need.

We believe money in the bank gives weight to our convictions and always seek to operate as efficiently as possible, so when needed, we have more than enough reserves.

One example of these convictions includes our national lobbying efforts. We work hard to maintain our place as the leading advocate for our craft by projecting a strong and ever-present voice to federal stakeholders in Congress and the Administration.

The goal of our efforts is to strengthen AMFA’s position on legislative and regulatory issues that pertain to our craft, thereby establishing a firm foundation for the future.

We are a non-partisan organization

We believe lobbying efforts should be strategic and targeted to ensure the most value, and we never choose one political party over another. We’re here to represent each of our members and the craft as a whole and don’t presume to embody every individual political preference or stance — especially when using our members’ money to advocate on their behalf.

To that end, our lobbying efforts are focused on existing legislators who can have a real impact on our issues rather than wasting precious time and resources on irrelevant parties that could potentially be harmful to our membership.

We’re eager to get to work representing the American Airlines group and apply our principles of fiscal responsibility that have proven to be so successful for the airlines we currently represent. Together, we can take our craft and our industry to the next level.

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