American Airlines’ Fraudulent Accusations Against TWU-IAM Are Right Out of Airlines’ Playbook

Statement by AMFA National Director Bret Oestreich

Contract negotiations between TWU-IAM and American Airlines have been stagnant for years as a result of American Airlines management’s “must haves” — ending protected work in favor of outsourcing to less skilled foreign international maintenance vendors and demanding headcount reductions.

We hate seeing another group of expert aviation personnel go through a similar struggle to what we experienced over the past six and a half years. The carriers believe they truly do not have to negotiate in good faith, dragging out the negotiation process and asking for unrealistic offsets. They intentionally try to exhaust the workforce enough to roll over and not be rewarded — which is not only corrupt, it’s unlawful.

It is disturbing and extremely concerning that both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines chose to litigate rather than negotiate. Both airline carriers greatly misunderstand the most fundamental duties and responsibilities of federally licensed airmen to a point at which they spitefully sue their representative body in attempt to suppress their mandated role at the bargaining table.

These highly skilled men and women are trained professionals who perform their day to day responsibilities as vigilant defenders of safety standards— and the last line of defense — for the flying public. The work performed is crucial and it is past time for it to be respected.

AMFA supports our TWU-IAM brothers and sisters in their battle, and we stand with them in unity.

We are independent Aircraft Maintenance Technicians committed to the highest safety standards. Safety in the Air Begins with Quality Maintenance on the Ground.