AMFA Awards Two Scholarships to Future AMTs

The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) has awarded two scholarships to Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) students, continuing our ongoing efforts to cultivate the next generation of expert aircraft mechanics.

This year’s winners, Harry Dugan and Christian Wood, stood out for their grades as well as their essay, and each were awarded a scholarship of $2,500.

This year’s essay topic was on “the importance of the FAA Hotline, ASAP, NASA ASRS, and safety reporting system as they relate to the aviation industry.”

Dugan’s essay included: “As I continue my education, I will keep learning more about my role in reporting safety concerns. It is exciting to see projected growth in the aviation field, and it is because of systems like these that that growth can occur!”

Wrote Wood: “In order to cultivate a self-reporting culture, it is important that the reporting process be non-punitive. This encourages individuals to self-report on mistakes and errors without fear of punishment.”

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Thank you to all those who applied for the scholarship — with more than two dozen applicants, we were able to see a great representation of our industry’s future.

But it also means future applicants have a great shot at potentially being awarded the $2,500 scholarship — we welcome more applicants next time. To learn more about our scholarships, look for details on the AMFA National website, and on our Facebook and Twitter page.