Contact: Bret Oestreich, National President

Phone: (720) 744–6628


CENTENNIAL, Colo. — September 24, 2022 — The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) who represents the Alaska Airlines Aircraft Technicians and Related workgroup would like to congratulate the Alaska Airlines Pilots Negotiating Committee and Allied Pilots Association (ALPA)- MEC throughout their bargaining with management successfully in their hard fought 3-year battle to reach a Tentative Agreement (TA). If the Alaska Airlines Pilots successfully ratify this TA through their ratification vote process, this will be an industry leading contract with significant improvements in several key areas in their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) will be effective September 1, 2022: Scope and Job Security protections that limits the number small aircraft to mainline aircraft that currently exists, Compensation and Pay Related issues and down years of 4% annually, Work Rules and Quality of Life items, and Retirement Benefit increases.

“We will continue to build a strong and unified collective approach in supporting ALPA Alaska Pilots group through the many battles we faced, in trade shortages, keeping tenured workforce, pandemic crisis, flight delays, and hiring new qualified professions,” said Bret Oestreich, AMFA National President. “The Alaska Airlines management must recognize the relevance of our licensed workgroups as professional stakeholders while contributing to make Alaska Airlines a safe, competitive airline to further the continued future successes. We support ALPA’s unity, negotiation efforts and wish them great success in this industry leading agreement.”

AMFA will be starting early opener negotiations for the 900 Alaska Airlines Aircraft Technicians later this year, the CBA amendable date is October 17, 2023.


The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association is a craft oriented, independent aviation union. AMFA represents licensed and unlicensed technicians and related employees actively involved in the aviation industry. These technician and related employees work directly on aircraft and/or components, support equipment, and facilities. AMFA is committed to elevating the professional standing of technicians and to achieving progressive improvements in wages, benefits, and working conditions of the skilled folks it represents. For more information about AMFA visit



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We are independent Aircraft Maintenance Technicians committed to the highest safety standards. Safety in the Air Begins with Quality Maintenance on the Ground.