The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) held its last Shop Representative Training Program class of 2022 in Phoenix. More than forty participants from the five (5) AMFA represented carriers, attended this session. AMFA National, along with Nick Granath and Lucas Middlebrook of our legal team and Professor Alexia Kulwiec of University of Wisconsin at Madison School for Workers, conducted focused training. The Shop Representative Training Program is designed to educate representatives on the legal rights of the Shop Representative, grievance origination and processing, contract and its interpretation, ten secrets of successful grievance presentation, and dealing with management.

AMFA Legal discussed the fundamentals and foundation of what legal role Shop Representatives play in the workplace in regard to employee terminations and contract violations, and discussion including state and federal lawsuits, legal rights of a shop representative, and Weingarten rights. Legal covered five invaluable topics: 1) Your Role as a Union Officer, 2) Representing Member in Employer Investigations, 3) Avoiding Costly Mistakes, 4) Getting Reading for Arbitration, and 5) Basics of Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Professor Kulwiec has an extensive background in what makes a Union representation successful and expertly teaches the importance of grievances, note taking, situational awareness, and internal organizing.

The expertise each of our professional trainers brings to Shop Representative Training helps to effectively mentor frontline AMFA representatives across the country to better facilitate and stand up for your collective bargaining agreements.

Thank you to all who attended, interacted, and willingly accepted their new position as an Airline, Shop, or Area Representative. The membership undoubtedly benefits from your training and dedication to defending their rights in your workplace.

Upcoming Shop Representative classes will soon be scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. If you are a member interested in helping your co-workers at the workplace, please engage and request further information from your Local Executive Council or Airline Representative. Stay tuned for further class information.



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