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2 min readMar 14, 2024

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — March 14, 2024 — In just 12 months of negotiations, Alaska reached a tentative agreement with the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) in late January. Today, our 990 AMFA-represented technicians, tech trainers, and maintenance controllers voted to ratify a new, five-year contract. This is the seventh new labor contract between Alaska Airlines and one of our unionized workgroups that has been ratified in the last two years to improve wages and quality of life for employees and support our company’s long-term success.

Nearly 90% of AMFA-represented employees voted, and the agreement was passed by 55.42%. Effective as of the previous contract’s amendable date (October 17, 2023), the new contract includes:

· Wage increases: for the technician classifications, at a top-of-scale rate of $65.85, which includes a two-license premium increase to $8.00, $.60 longevity and maximum longevity increase to $1.50 for 25+ years of service:

o Increases for Lead, Inspector, and Trainer classification premiums to $2.75 now and $3.00 in 2026.

o Simplified field trip pay to 1.75 rate for all hours away from home station.

· Quality of life improvements: defined number of shift realignments per year to reduce life disruptions:

o More clearly defined shift start times.

o Category seniority to recognizing length of service.

· Retirement contribution increases and caps to health care costs.

· Language changes that allow for increased productivity.

“AMFA’s negotiators were thorough in addressing the needs of our technicians and represented employees who support aircraft maintenance, which includes significant improvements to increased pay, better benefits and quality of life,” said Don Wright, vice president of maintenance and engineering at Alaska Airlines. “We are confident this contract enables us to attract and retain top talent to work for Alaska and grow their career with us.”

“This agreement not only includes justifiable increases in pay, benefits, and quality of life, it gives our members a framework for fulfilling their careers with Alaska Airlines,” said Bret Oestreich, AMFA National President. “Thanks to our negotiating committee, we were able to secure protections in headcount and work rules, as well as job security for work performed by our members for decades. AMFA prioritized the interests of all its members in various classifications when bargaining the deal, and this agreement shows the importance of our members remaining unified and AMFA’s strength at the bargaining table,” Oestreich continued. “Our focus now shifts to working with Alaska Airlines to attract and retain qualified, skilled professionals, and this industry-leading contract will make that job much easier.”


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