AMFA SWA Aircraft Appearance Technician 2nd Contract Extension Tentative Agreement Reached

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5 min readSep 9, 2022

September 8, 2022

AMFA and Southwest Airlines have been engaged in bargaining exchanges, held virtually and in person, regarding an extension letter of agreement to the Appearance Technician (AAT) collective bargaining agreement (CBA). These discussions commenced not long after the first tentative agreement (TA) was overwhelmingly rejected on July 1, 2022, and the subsequent membership survey determined what needed to be improved.

The Parties, on September 7, 2002, finalized a second TA. We believe this TA addresses the what the survey indicated was the main reason for the first TA being voted down, including: an increase in the initial snap up in pay from six and a quarter (6.25%) to twelve percent (12%) for anyone at the fourth year and above in the pay scale; the elimination of the efficiency bonus; and an additional year to the agreement which again like in the first TA has three percent (3%) increases for each step of the scale in each out year of the agreement.

AMFA National will be starting the process of a ratification vote in the near future so be on the lookout and cast your vote.

Please do not hesitate to contact your ALR with any questions you may have. Agreement attached.

Your AMFA Representatives

Aircraft Appearance Technician Extension Tentative Agreement

  1. Effective immediately upon DOR, there will be a rate adjustment applicable only to the wage scales beginning at New Hire and ending at the 3rd year of service. All other wage rates will receive a twelve percent (12%) increase to the pay scale.
  2. Effective August 1, 2023, there will be a three percent (3.0%) increase to the pay scale.
  3. Effective August 1, 2024, there will be a three percent (3.0%) increase to the pay scale.
  4. Effective August 1, 2025, there will be a three percent (3.0%) increase to the pay scale.
  5. Effective August 1, 2026, there will be a three percent (3.0%) increase to the pay scale.

The new pay rates set forth above will be in effect and paid no later than first full pay period following DOR.

6. Amend current Article 11.4 as follows:

An Employee may carry over one (1) week (40 hours) of unused vacation into the succeeding year (maximum vacation carryover at any time is one week). Vacation time, with the exception of the one (1) week carry over set forth herein, is not cumulative but must be taken during the calendar year. If not taken by the end of that year due to a Company request that the Employee defer his vacation, and the Employee agrees the Employee will be entitled to said deferred vacation during the succeeding calendar year or to pay in lieu of same at the option of the Employee. If taken during the succeeding calendar year, the vacation period will be bid after all current year bids have been assigned. At the Employee’s option, up to eighty (80) hours of vacation not to be taken in the calendar year will be paid to the Employee, provided the Employee has been on paid status for a majority of the calendar year in which the vacation is paid, and for a majority of the previous calendar year (in which it was earned). The Employee may elect to have such days paid on the twentieth (20th) of the month by giving the Company notice thereof no earlier than the first (1st) of the month and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the fifteenth (15th) of the month, and such paid days will be removed from the Employee’s vacation bank.

7. Amend current Article 13.12 as follows:

The Company will make up no less than the difference between that which is paid the Employee by Workers Compensation and what the Employee would have made (after tax withholding) if he had worked his regular shift. Until the definite rate is established, and is being paid, the Company will pay the injured Employee his normal earnings on each regular pay day. NOTE: this mirrors the language of the 2019 AMFA Mechanic CBA.

8. Amend current Article 14.1 as follows:

a) The hourly rates set forth in Article 15 shall prevail, except that the Company may recognize prior experience, minimum wage requirements, or the local job market when hiring and place an Employee in the progression scale at a rate above the minimum (“Higher Rate Step”). The Company will provide AMFA with a minimum of fourteen (14) days’ written notice of its intention to hire and place an Employee in the progression scale at a rate above the minimum, and the written notice will include the location(s) affected and the progression step it intends to place the Employee (“Higher Rate Notice”).

b) In the event the Company hires and places an Employee at a Higher Rate Step, any other current Employee(s) in that same classification whose wage rate is below the Higher Rate Step will be placed, by the next full pay period following the Higher Rate Notice, at the Higher Rate Step.

c) Any newly hired Employee placed, or current Employee moved to a Higher Rate Step will proceed to the next higher step on the progression scale (i.e., Employee hired or placed at Step 4 would progress to Step 5) at conclusion of each year of service the Employee accrues and will not, under any circumstances, be returned to any lower scale step or frozen at any scale step.

9. Amend current Article 14.10 (Shift Premium/Differential Pay) as follows:

Employees shall be paid seventy-one cents ($0.71) per hour shift premium/differential as additional compensation over their basic rate for all hours worked in which the shift commences work outside the hours of between 5:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

The new Shift Differential rate set forth above will be in effect and paid no later than first full pay period following DOR.

10. Amend current Article 28 (Duration of Agreement) as follows:

This Agreement shall become effective on the receipt by the Company of official notice of ratification of the Agreement, except as otherwise provided herein. This Agreement shall thereafter continue in full force and effect through July 31, 2027, and shall renew itself without change until each succeeding July 31, thereafter, unless written notice of intended change is served in accordance with Section 6, Title 1, of the Railway Labor Act, as amended, by either party hereto, at least ninety (90) days immediately prior to July 31, 2026, or any July 31, thereafter, except that the wages shown in Article 15 shall be effective in accordance with the dates shown.

11. Unless otherwise specifically set forth herein, all existing provisions of the Parties’ current CBA would remain in effect as part of a successor Agreement.

Earl Clark
Region I Director
Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Organization

Will Abbott
Region II Director
Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Organization

Craig Hamlet
Local 11 — Airline Representative
Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Organization

Wayne Lampley
Local 18 — Airline Representative
Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Organization

Louis Upchurch
Local 4 — Airline Representative
Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Organization

Ken Patrick
Local 32 — Airline Representative
Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Organization

Anthony Wafer
Senior Director Labor Relations Southwest Airlines Co.



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