Dear AMFA Members:

Mandatory vaccine policies have in many ways added to the stress of the ongoing pandemic, and many of you have expressed your frustration to AMFA leadership about this divisive and sensitive matter. This message is not an update nor is it a change in course for AMFA. Our primary focus remains to protect your collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) as well as your job and ability to earn. This message is directed to those of you who for any reason have not yet either been vaccinated or applied for an exemption from mandatory vaccine policies at Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, or Southwest Airlines.

At all carriers, the deadlines for doing either is approaching fast. The reality of the situation is that there are two options only, either: 1) start the vaccination process or 2) apply for a medical or religious exemption by November 24, 2021. It is still possible, however, that an employee who objects to vaccination based on sincerely held religious beliefs may be eligible for a reasonable accommodation by your carrier that does not require vaccination. For those who believe they may qualify for such a reasonable exemption, we provide the following guidance the Memo: Mandatory Vaccinations — Seeking a Religion-Based Accommodation, issued October 8, 2021.

There is no third option that will not risk your job or your income. The choice is up to you, but only if you do not wait too long to make it.

While our carriers surge forward to implement the federal government contract mandate, several questions remain regarding the impact and obligation of our members. It is of utmost importance that our membership stays informed as new information is distributed frequently on this matter. On October 8, 2021, AMFA published a Vaccination Mandate — Q&A article intended to provide general information about recent vaccine mandate policies at the AMFA-represented carriers and AMFA’s response to those policies. This document is not legal advice.

AMFA opposes forced mandatory vaccines, demands all our carriers to bargain over the effects of complying with government orders imposing vaccines, and supports individual choice of vaccination and legitimate exemption seekers.


Bret Oestreich (National President), George Melachrinakis (Local 4 President) Dale Dixon (Local 11 President), Nicholas Kula (Local 14 President), Joel Behnken (Local 18 President) Rui Leonardo (Local 32 President)

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