Representation That Starts With It’s Members

Representation. For A Change.

For American Airlines mechanics and related ready take back control of their careers and their union, AMFA is here to offer true representation. Because at AMFA, we’re powered by our members.

Since our start in 1962, we’ve been constitutionally bound to put our members first. And we’ve made it our mission to promote and protect the interests of our membership. With our accountable and transparent process, we work to ensure our members are heard and served to the best of our abilities in the both the long term and day to day.

Our democratic process sits in stark contrast with the TWU/IAM Association, which operates autocratically.

The Association believes the membership gets its power from the union and its present disordered state is a testament to that truth.

The simple fact that the alliance between TWU and IAM was formed without a vote from the membership speaks volumes to their consideration, or lack thereof, for their membership’s voice. And the reality that the membership would be better served by a single union was not a factor in their decision.

As one of IAM’s own members, Larry Ocheltree, puts it in an open letter to the union,

“Since the signing of the agreement, we’ve learned how the company got the best of the Association with combined rules that are outrageous. These rules apply to topics such as job loss, seniority, the Javits list, losing bumping rights and overtime.”

The Association was created for itself and has little respect for the future craft and class of AMTs and related.

A Different Way Forward With AMFA

At AMFA, the members control all aspects of their union. All officers, from Shop Representative to the National Director, are elected by the membership by secret ballot. And if an officer fails to fulfill their duties to the membership’s satisfaction, they can be recalled.

When we negotiate, it’s always in the best interest of our membership. Because we ask our members what they want.

Through surveys, meetings and one-on-one conversations with our Shop Reps, we constantly solicit input from our members to hear what they need now so we can adjust in real time. Plus, our members must approve any changes to AMFA’s constitution or bylaws, including proposed dues increases.

At AMFA, we’re here to elevate our members and our craft. That starts with each individual member. We respect employee choice and fight for your voice in all that we do. We would be honored to represent the American Airlines group and look forward to the opportunity to unify our group.

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